Hi Mold 450-560



The HYUNDAI WIA Hi-MOLDis built upon a bridge type frame. The biggest benefit of a bridge type machining Center is the increased rigidity and less heat generated. Hence, it retains accuracy and repeatability at the highest levels.


  • High Speed LM Guide - Rapid High Speed axis movement is achieved by the use of linear motion guide ways, which reduces non-cutting time and decreases machining time for greater productivity.
  • Main Spindle - By using ultra precision class angular ball bearings, fast acceleration and deceleration of the main spindle is achieved.
  • 40,000K Spindle (opt) - Available with a 40,000 rpm spindle for machining precision molds with superior surface finish.
  • Built-in Tilting and Rotating Table - The optional built in rotary table offers a 'C' axis with full 360° rotation and an 'A' axis with 150-degree rotation.

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HI-MOLD450 | HI-MOLD560-560/5A


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